Fig. 1

Fig. 2



Azure, a tower of gold coming out of the tip of the shield, embattled six and windowed field of three (2,1), topped with an ostrich feather in red, outgoing from the battlements and to the left; the tower supported by two lions faced, natural and linguati red.

weapon formed by six lapels curled.

STAMP: Knight put in profile.

Crest: Elmo from Noble with seven feathers (Fig.1). In Figure 2 we see represented the classic helmet Nobile, steel silver surmounted by a crown of Nobile tolerated, according to various regulations issued by the College of Heralds of the Kingdom of Italy (established in 1869 and abolished in 1948).

Remarks: The original is preserved feather Barrettali from the current representatives of the family. The old coat of arms can be seen even today carved on the family chapel (seventeenth century), on the portal of entry of the two villas of Stazzona (the old one and the new) and in that of the late Louis Altieri in Marseille , which is located on the tombstone in the cemetery of Bastia, on the public fountain of Casanova and elsewhere.

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