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  • The symbolism of the emblem of Altieri

Weapon (or weapons) – Synonymous with crest and coat of arms, the arms is the sum total of those figures, patches, enamels, partitions, exterior ornaments, depicted according to certain rules, which are used to mark people, families, civil and ecclesiastical authorities . The term is derived by armor that knights wore in the Middle Ages and on which effigiavano their coats of arms, which are painted on the shields and embroidered on the outer garment and the trappings of their horses. The term weapon emblem speaker or the speaker, in heraldry indicates a coat of arms that shows which primary subject objects, animals, people or attributes which refer explicitly to the surname or the noble family which it refers.
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  • Titles Noble in Heraldry

In principle, however, the titles ottriati according to the hierarchical scale still yet used, are the following: For the art. 3 of R.D. June 7, 1943, n. 651 (the last of state Italian Noble), the noble titles are in descending order: Prince, Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron, Lord, and the Lord, Hereditary Knight, Patrick Noble and certain cities. For the second paragraph of Article 3, starting from 1943, these latest titles could not be granted but only recognized to eligible if derived from ancient concessions. In fact the titles of Lord and Knight Crown (as well as that of Viscount), were never conferred by the King of Italy after unification.
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